Every minute counts. To stay competitive in today's economy, you need a reliable workforce provider who knows and understands how to be responsive. Should an issue or need arise, we promise you won't have to wait for a decision to be made by someone out of state or across the country. At Employers Overload, we connect you directly with our decision makers to ensure that every issue is resolved quickly and effectively. Finding and hiring the right people for your company is one of the most important decisions you make. We work hard to understand our client's needs and to provide thoroughly screened, well-trained and dependable staff for projects, peak season, and direct hire placements. We make every effort to understand the needs of your business, your company, and your industry to protect your reputation, employee welfare, and our mutual interests. We take the time to carefully assess the following areas of your worksite:

Recruiting and Employment Needs Training and Management Practices
Safety and Risk Management Oversight Insurance Requirements and Exposure
Our areas of expertise include:
  • Office, Administrative & Customer Service Staffing
  • Light Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Assembly / Bindery / Electronics
  • Warehouse / Logistics Staffing
  • Packaging / Production
  • Professional, Accounting & Information Technology
  • Recruiting, Screening & On-boarding
  • Special Projects Staffing & Management
Services include:
  • Short-Term Temporary Staffing
  • Seasonal / Project Staffing
  • Temp-to-hire Staffing
  • Direct Hire Placements
  • Project Outsourcing
  • Customized Recruiting
  • Pre-Employment Screening & Selection Services
  • On-Site Service Support
  • Employer of Record Payroll Services
  • Risk Management Assessments
  • Introduction to Subsidized or Funded Programs
  • Assessment for Additional Consultant needs
  • Supplemental labor Cost Reporting & Tracking
Our innovative services include: Innovations to traditional staffing services include:
  • Fractional Employment solutions
  • Project Acceleration
  • Skill Gap Solutions
  • Workforce Retention
  • Large Scale Payroll of Record Services
  • Staffing Service Segmentation
  • Customized Recruiting, Screening, Selection
  • Innovative Pricing / Reporting
  • Project Management
  • On-Premise Service

Customizing our services to meet your workforce needs is why Employers Overload stands alone as a quality workforce provider. We understand the values and needs of our clients and candidates – and their need to have a professional, thoughtful, and responsive team member at the ready. Give us a call today to discuss your workforce needs, and experience firsthand our commitment to exceeding our clients' and candidates' expectations.

Our long-term relationships with the companies we serve are a direct result of our commitment to excellence. By understanding client needs, we are able to implement the highest levels of responsiveness, accessibility, professionalism, consistency of performance, problem resolution, and relationship building.

Our responsiveness to your needs saves you money, saves you time, and keeps your company productive. In measured surveys, our Satisfaction Index consistently averages 95% and above.

How quickly do you need a decision made that is vital to your company’s success?
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