Are you facing some tough decisions around staff reductions?

Let us help you by providing a cost effective way to help ease the transition. We provide individualized or group outsourcing services to the people who you may need to let go as a result of a tough economic cycle or business transition. We provide these individuals with the tools, resources, confidence, and support to help smooth the transition and to help them find their next employment opportunity.

What are Outplacement Services?

Outplacement Services are an employee benefit that provides resources to help employees transition from being employed to being out in the job market again--sometimes after many years. Services are tailored to the individual and may include Resume Review, Networking, Interviewing and Career Coaching. In addition to Outplacement Services- an Exit Interview conducted by an independent 3rd party can be very beneficial during the termination process. (Optional)

What Specific Services are provided to the individual?

  • Interviewing Skills and Preparation
  • Resume Review and Advice to result in solid final draft resume
  • Career Coaching
  • Job Search Tools
  • Skills Training and Testing
  • Support—Questions, Confidence
  • Networking
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