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Wall Street Journal: Top Stories

  • The decision to extend negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement into next spring will inject trade into the middle of political campaigns in the U.S. and Mexico next year, and may complicate efforts to sign and ratify a new version of the pact.
  • Two partners at a research firm that compiled a dossier of unverified and unflattering allegations about President Donald Trump invoked their constitutional right not to give testimony before a congressional committee.
  • After criticizing the Fed for the past eight years, Republicans have a chance to change the course of the central bank when President Donald Trump nominates someone to take the helm in early 2018. But they are divided over which direction monetary policy should take.
  • President Donald Trump fired back at Sen. John McCain, one day after the Arizona senator took aim at the nationalist and isolationist rhetoric that has swept through the Republican party and is often championed by the White House.
  • Gilead Sciences’ $11 billion bet on Kite Pharma is poised to pay off, with the approval of Kite’s flagship cell-therapy treatment for advanced lymphoma patients.
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