Employers Overload: a history of innovation

1947: One of only a handful of staffing industry founding companies who started in the 1940s.
1951: Received the first federal ruling from the U.S. Treasury Department of the relationship between employees assigned and the staffing company. This ruling established the legal and financial authority for the industry and subsequent expansion.
1958: EO franchise operations covered major economic centers coast to coast a decade before franchising came into widespread use for business expansion.
1961: EO's first international expansion. Employers Overload Canada, LTD, Office, and Industrial Services established in Toronto.
1969: EO's current Chairman, Pete Szambelan, joins the Employers Overload organization. Primary sales objective at the time was to introduce staffing services to companies and educate them on the value of establishing contingent staffing strategies.
1975: Established one of the first outsourced staffing relationships with a major international automotive import company. Provided on-site service solutions, including consistency of service delivery at multiple site locations.
1982: EO introduces the Temporary Employee Matching Profile (TEMP system), a significant advancement in matching the temporary employee to the needs of industry.
1984: Payroll of record services provided to county governments for more than 1,000 election workers, including delivery of detailed cost reporting to over 100 voting precincts.
1988: EO Founder retires and much of the EO operation is sold. EO in Oregon and Washington retains the rights to Employers Overload name, systems, and heritage and the ability to provide clients additional service options and flexibility.
1992: Became one of the first companies to provide high-volume seasonal staffing services. Services to large mail order clients included the employment of 600+ employees on the West Coast and 200+ on the East Coast; on-site management support, located in a 2,000 square foot connected office location; and early utilization of automated time clocks, integrated directly to EO's payroll and billing program, along with customized on-boarding, exit process and cost reporting.
1993: Founded Employers Overload Supported Employment division to provide employment services to individuals with developmental disabilities, helping hundreds gain employment while working with local employers.
1996: Provided 24/7 on-site services to national retail distribution center with more than 500 temporary employees. Use of automated time and attendance systems and integration with database to enable daily cost reporting per department and daily scheduling of 100% of the workforce.
1998: Received Farm Labor contractor's license to service one of the largest employers in the Northwest with a fully outsourced production staff solution. Project includes leadership of crews, accountability for safety, productivity, and price per production arrangement.
2000: One of the first organizations to install a fully integrated applicant tracking, payroll, and billing systems using new Windows-based platform with an Oracle Database and Crystal Reports system.
2002: Reintroduced EO's independent representative expansion program for further growth into new markets.
2005: Introduced remote services delivery model for greater flexibility and cost-effective services to companies in smaller markets.
2009: Participated in a Summer Youth Employment Program as the employer of record for more than 600 youth at 200 different employer sites. Developed unique public, private, and non-profit partnerships to achieve exceptional results.
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